Sippo Smart Cup

Bluetooth trouble-shooting.

To pair an iOS or Android device make sure that your Sippo Smart Cup has 2 x AAA batteries that are charged and installed in the correct way. Then go to Settings and select Bluetooth. Please wait while your iOS device locates your Sippo Smart Cup within the Sippo app. Select this and wait for it to pair. It will say Connected when you have successfully paired your Sippo Smart Cup. You can refresh the connection by pressing the "Not Connected" words on the home screen wheel.

Also please note that Sippo Smart Cup can only be paired with one iOS or Android device at a time. You can only have one Sippo Smart Cup paired at a time. So you would have to un-pair the sensor from one device before pairing it to another. If you are still having problems after assuring the Cup is not paired with another device, please try the following:

  1. Turn off and restart the your iOS or Android device.
  2. Turn off Bluetooth on all other iOS or Android devices you use Sippo Smart Cup with.
  3. Please make sure you have the latest operating software on your device.
  4. If you continue to have problems please delete the app and reinstall. Please note that you may lose data.

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