Sippo Smart Cup

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Intelligi, a lifestyle technology and design team from Australia, has launched the Sippo Smart Cup via Indiegogo. Ever had trouble remembering to drink enough water? Sippo is a smart cup made from premium stainless steel. It empowers you to stay hydrated through your busy day...

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The Sippo smart cup promises to help us 'never forget to drink again'


This was an offer to test a product that was too good to refuse: "Sippo, a Bluetooth Smart Cup made of premium stainless steel, is a smart cup that can be controlled through your mobile device!" How we laughed when we read about the cup which features an app to track hydration levels...

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Sippo Smart Cup Lets You Know When You Need a Drink


The Sippo is an advanced and functional smart cup that measures 8" tall by 3" diameter and weights 0.83 lbs. As shown in the images, the smart cup boasts a sleek and low-profile design along with two optional colors, and its curved outline provides you a comfortable and firm grip...

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This cup knows how much water you need to drink every day and will always remind you when you forget [VIDEO]


You know how they say you should drink a couple of litres of water per day? Most of us genuinely want to adhere to this and often try to get into the habit but we can never keep it up for more than three days! Why? 'Cause we're busy. But now a couple of Aussie blokes, Troy and Dan have decided that being busy...

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Intelligi LLC Introduces Sippo: Hydration Made Easy


Exciting new start-up, Intelligi LLC, announced on November 23, 2015 via Indiegogo, the launch of their crowdfunding campaign to finalize the development of their revolutionary Smart Cup: Sippo. The company has set out to raise $25,000 to finish application development, product engineering, and approvals of their...

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Industrial Design grad crowd-funds his latest design: "Sippo"


If you find you often get dehydrated during the day, Monash Industrial Design graduate Daniel Roney has a solution!
Daniel has designed the Sippo - a smart cup "that knows how much you have had to drink and reminds you when you forget." It's available via Indiegogo, a crowd-funding website...

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